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Review of Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas

You might have seen the ads for Atlantis here on TV. You might have thought it was odd that a place in another country was advertising itself on US TV. However Atlantis is a top tourist destination in the Bahamas and the Bahamas are a popular US tourist destination. Many American tourist who go on a cruise to the Bahamas also go to Atlantis while they are in the Bahamas. If you are planning to visit the Bahamas then you might want to visit Atlantis but you also might want to read this to find out if its worth your time and your money. To get to Atlantis you will Pandora Spacer Bead Pumpkin Gold either have to get a taxi or pay for a boat ride. If you take the boat you will have a wait up to 30 minutes. Some of the boats also have tour guides who expect tips so that may be an extra cost. The boat cost $6 per person. You will have to stand in line to buy boat tickets which also will take time. If you rent a taxi it might be cheaper if you have a large group. You might want to haggle over prices to Atlantis before hand and see if it is cheaper to get there and back or not. A taxi is more convenient and you will get to Atlantis faster but it might cost more if you have fewer people. In some ways a taxi is much better but it can be a scary experience for many.

Once you get Atlantis you will find the area is huge. There are a few places that have maps and you will Pandora Spacer Bead Pumpkin Gold want to check a map out as soon as you find one. There is a large area that Atlantis covers. Many people will have different things that they will be interested in at Atlantis. Having seeing the commercials my family and many others just wanted to look around the area with its pretend Atlantean decor. However many are soon disappointed to find most of Atlantis is blocked off to visitors.

Certain areas of Atlantis anyone can enter. The places you can enter are places that you can spend money. There are many stores that you can go to. There are restaurants that you can eat at. The nicest decorated place that anyone can enter without having to be a guests is the casino. Interestingly Bahamians can not legally gamble. Gambling is only illegal for locals though, they are happy to take foreigners money.

If you want to see the hotel or the water park you are going to have to pay. If you like water parks you might want to go to the Atlantis water park which Thomas Sabo Chains Black Rope 18 inch has a great Atlantis theme. However the Atlantis water park is very expensive. It is easily twice as expensive to go to the Atlantis water Pandora Spacer Bead Pumpkin Gold park then any other water park in the US.

If you just want to go see the decorations in the hotel even if you are not staying in it you can for a price. For $50 you can walk through the lobby. Various places have security that check to see that you have paid to get into the restricted areas. Never before have I seen a hotel that will not let you in the lobby unless you pay. I would suggest you spend the $50 to go to Sea World when in Florida and see the Atlantis ride with its Atlantis themed area. Sea World will cost the same and offer you more for your money and the Atlantis are is better done then at Atlantis in the Bahamas. The Bahamas Atlantis area is just tacky Vegas style Atlantis.

Some areas that are free to go such a stores and restaurants are pricey. Many stores offer luxury goods. Even the cheap local hand made crafts here are expensive and the locals selling them must have good money. I told my brother to save his money for the Straw Market but he bought some stuff at Atlantis. After buying stuff the guy pulled out a Apple iPhone. I prefer giving money to the poorer locals personally as well as spending less money for the same item. Even if you are looking for high end items there are plenty of jewellery stores and other luxury good stores in Nassau. The stores in Nassau are cheaper then the ones at Atlantis.

Many people I ran into on the boat and at Atlantis had also wanted to just look around the hotel and were also disappointed and angry to find they had to pay to see the hotel and shocked at Pandora Silver Crystal Heart Charm Bracelet Purple how much it would cost. If it cost $5 I would have Thomas Sabo Earrings Black Sparkling Drop spent it but felt they were being outrages but at $50 I could go to a theme park Pandora Spacer Bead Pumpkin Gold instead of walking around a hotel. The commercial needs to tell you that you are going to have to pay to see the hotel. I think many families waste their time and money to go to Atlantis only to find they will need to spend money to see it. If you have a family of 4 it will cost $200 plus the cost of getting to Atlantis which would be $24 for a boat ride with no tips. A family that expect to pay $24 to see a neat hotel is not going to be happy when they find out the truth.

Overall unless you are going to spend some good money you are not going to really get to see much of Atlantis. You will see more of Atlantis on a 30 second commercial then you Pandora Spacer Bead Pumpkin Gold will by going to the Bahamas. I was personally so appalled by the obvious greed of Atlantis. I wasted plenty of time going to Atlantis and coming back. I also had to spend money just get there. I felt very disappointed over my Atlantis experience. I spent about a couple minutes walking to the Straw Market 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 040 and found the same items at a fraction of the prices. I also could have walked around Downtown Nassau in less time and got the same items at lower prices too. Overall I would prefer supporting the local economy and the poor people in the Bahamas then support a rich South African hotel magnate. I support capitalism and freedom so I support someone making a company and there right to do what they want but when they get greedy like that I also support people choosing to exercise there economic vote by not spending their money at Atlantis.


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