Pandora Silver Heart Charm


Really made me look at him in a new light

the abuse, court cases, beating his partner, and all the rest of the TMZ hip hop plastic gangster lifestyle shit. His obnoxious social media accounts Pandora Silver Heart Charm where he does little but gamble away millions. Sure it his hard earned money, but fuck that hardly being humble and level headed, as he likes Pandora Silver Heart Charm to constantly boast.

he Pandora Silver Heart Charm amazing at what he does, a pure professional once he inside those ropes, but outside of them he an idiot through and through. Pretty Boy Floyd was the act, that was the marketing gimmick.

the only marketing part is the crappy attitudes towards his opponents, some of whom he shows respect. The only reason I believe that is because Floyd is (nearly always) respectful in the ring and gracious after. Everything else he a fucking self absorbed deluded moron surrounded by yes men, and there plenty of evidence of it. He also has an incredibly fragile ego and is a gigantic hypocrite and has a bunch of fans that will spout any old shit to justify.

Businessman? That Al Haymon, Floyd was getting raped just like everyone else before he left Top Rank. Also, if you want to believe 50 Cent (who seemed to have a track record for good business) then Mayweather Promotions isn even any sort of real company. All signs point to a glorified entourage (as stated by his ex wife) that worship the ground he walks on because he throws them the odd bit of jewellery, or he makes it rain. You see how good a businessman Floyd is 10 years after he hung them up. I bet on the fact he comes back because he needs money.

Dedicated to training? There zero evidence outside of what he spouts on his pre fight documentaries, which have all been the same re hashed bullshit since the first episode of 24/7 that he does anything out of the Pandora Silver Heart Charm ordinary. There is zero evidence that he trains harder than any other fighter, zero evidence of the marathon 15 minute round sparring sessions and all the rest of it. I have zero doubt Floyd trains incredibly hard, probably harder than many, but fuck, he just the majority of any other fighter who puts the time in (always exceptions), he isn some super human. Funny enough, the shit you actually do see Floyd doing is so routine and Pandora Murano Glass Bead 159 pointless and just fluff for cameras, and you never see the stuff. I sure that real Tiffany Round Necklace stuff is brutal, whatever it is, it nothing more than words.

People pay to watch a boxing master, some might pay to see him lose but his numbers are way too huge and much too expensive, especially with this economy, for those people to be of any significance at all. They pay to watch because he that good. Despite having a very carefully directed career (coupled with a few suspect decisions) post Top Rank, in the ring Floyd absolutely is amazing as they come, but he deserves to be hated and ridiculed for being an actual prick outside the ropes.

Why is he not a worthy champion? He beat 20 or so. Just being real here, no where in being an athlete does it say you have to be a role model. Do I agree with his way of life, no, but I not him and haven walked his shoes.

He not the warrior boxing needs at the top of the throne? Why? Because he fights a 99% technically sound fight almost every fight and not like Brandon Rios (No disrespect).

edit: Watch Mosley/Mayweather and tell me he not a warrior.

If anyone is worthy of the Throne its him. Name one person right now that Tiffany Atlas Key Ring deserves to be P4P the best in boxing, I curious. Name a bunch or just one. According to you, Andre Ward is probably not "the warrior boxing needs at the top of the throne" because he also fights 99% technically sound fights and is not a come forward guy. Marquez? If we going with cherry picking, he done just as much as Mayweather.

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