Pandora Silver Hand Gray Charm 216


reaching benchmark stats for high MPs

The two best options for helms are Inna Radiance and Mempo of Twilight. If you have the time, read the Mempo vs Inna guide in the sidebar, but a tl;dr version is don buy a mempo that doesn have 6 crit/9 attack speed (which cost at least 80$ in the RMAH). So for us that don want to spend that kind of money on a single piece of gear, go with a Inna Radiance with the following stats:

150+ dex (200 is the max)

These stats will give you a significant chunk of EHP, and the crit Pandora Silver Hand Gray Charm 216 chance will help you reach the 45% CC benchmark. Note that you can also replace one of the resist rolls with a 10 14% bonus to Fists of Thunder Pandora Silver Hand Gray Charm 216 or Sweeping winds for a big increase in effective dps, but they are rare and expensive (but Best in Slot for non mempo monks)

If you are Richie Rich and are wearing a Mempo, grab an Inna Chest with high dex and high vit, because you are already a baller and can afford to dish out for it. Otherwise, grab a Tal Rasha Relentless Pursuit. This will make up for the attack speed Pandora Silver Hand Gray Charm 216 lost from the Mempo, and can account for a ton of your EHP. Look for these specific stats:

240+ vit

45+ OWE res (don go all res, or you will be paying a lot of gold as wizards wear it)

9% attack speed (don cheap out for an 8%, be patient and snag a 9% to maximize DPS)

DO NOT BUY LACUNI PROWLERS. They cost a fortune, and cannot account for the amount of DPS and EHP Pandora Silver Hand Gray Charm 216 you can get from 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 051 a crafted pair. This is one of the few slots you should craft (with the Razorspikes of Dexterity recipe) until you find something good. Ideal stats are:

200+ dex (can roll higher then 300)

80+ vit (max is 200)

50+ all res (max is 80)

40+ OWE res (max is 60)

5 6% crit chance (this is almost mandatory to maxmize DPS)

The crit chance is very important, and I can only recommend sacrificing it Pandora Murano Glass Bead 067 if you are DESPERATE for EHP. Rolling a pair of bracers with these stats is going to take a while, so prepare to take a pair that have only a single form of EHP (vit, armour, all res, OWE res) for a while.

The Witching Hour is the only viable option at the moment. It huge for DPS, and can roll pretty high EHP stats. If you paid for the mempo already, grab one with high dex, some vit and some all res or OWE res. Unfortunately, they are a horrible hit to your EHP. To counter that, it best to go with something like:

75+ dex (max natural roll is 100)

150+ vit (try to get a lot of vit here)

9% attack speed (don cheap out for the 8%!)

Vitality is the best option here since it can roll the highest, but if you already have high vitality go for another form of EHP that you need (OWE res, armour, all res). Edit: It also been pointed out to me that you can go for a high dex roll with a lower vit roll, should you not need the vitality, to maximize DPS.

To avoid a large debate, Thomas Sabo Charms Arielle Charm Pendant please read the Nat Two Piece vs Ice Climber and Rare Ring Guide. If you are too lazy to do that (because reading this has worn out your eyes), buy Ice Climbers unless you are super rich (in which case you probably wont even read this since you be cruising through mp10). Ice climber can account for a lot of EHP, so look for these stats: