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Quick guide on healing dermal punches Pandora Silver Gray Charm 206 a holistic approach to same

I feel old! I amended it to suit the subreddit here and thrown in new information also.

As always at the first sign of trouble go to your local piercer. Don rely on people over the internet for urgent help. Be sensible!

Dermal punched procedures: Mainly directed at cartilaginous areas like conches.

Soak in salt water (saline) solution maximum twice daily, no more. Over doing salt soaks isn a good idea. Some people prefer the it the hell alone (LITHA) approach. Conches and ear rims are a pain in the ass to soak and you look rather gimpy with a big mug held up to your ear. I used some q tips and just gently wiped the piercing. Things like cotton wool aren recommended as they can leave strands behind which can agitate you and your new dermal punched goodness. Basically go with what your piercer tells you.

After a few days it will start to secrete lymph (bodies natural response), a clear fluid. Don stress. It cool.

DO NOT PICK AT SCABS/CRUSTIES, the temptation is Thomas Sabo Charms Leo Star Sign Pendant there but don Just. Don the jewellery as it is, do no remove or fiddle with it.

Gently wipe away crusties after you cleaned it, do not force them off. If they stay leave them be. You may cause more trauma to your piercing by going at it.

Swelling is a major issue usually, make sure the jewellery is long enough to accommodate for it. I swell like a beyotch so standard 16mm/ 5/8" tunnels weren an option and caused major drama for me first time round. Basically, if you know you swell a lot keep an eye out and make sure your ear isn trying to engulf the jewellery, it causes so many problems which take months to heal. In fact tell your piercer that you swell a hell of a lot if you know you do, and ask them if possible to put in a longer than normal piece of jewellery.

At the first sign of trouble go into the piercing studio. Do not rely on the internet and advice here. Nothing beats being seen by professionals.

Chamomile tea bags great for reduction in scarring. God send. Honestly. Boil water, throw in your tea bag. Add in cold water Pandora Silver Gray Charm 206 until cool. Place tea bag over dermal punch for 5 10 minutes. Works wonders. Used it on my very troublesome conch which had ridiculous amounts of scarring.

Make sure you are in the peak of your health before getting something like a dermal punch procedure. It puts a lot of stress on you and your body.

Going on holiday/vacation Thomas Sabo Charms Neon Yellow Lightning Pendant in the next 3 months? Probably not a good idea to get your ear punched. Healing dermal punches is a long and difficult journey

Goes without saying but make sure you are on a good healthy diet and looking after yourself. Sleeping will cheap tiffany sets be an issue also, 2 pillows side by side, sleep in the crevasse.

Stressed? Work long hours regularly? Will probably slow the healing process of your dermal punch. Pandora Silver Gray Charm 206 Stressful times ahead? Exams and the like. Best to wait till after the ordeal is over to get it done.

As I alluded to before this was an issue for me. Make sure the jewellery is big enough to accommodate the swelling. My piercer at the time didn listen to me despite asking for a change of jewellery. O rings were eaten and copious amounts of scarring which I eventually got rid of.

Most professional piercers prefer to use titanium or steel tunnels for the initial jewellery but some use glass. Really depends on the piercer and their preference. DO NOT accept garbage jewellery like acrylic EVER.

From personal experience wooden pieces are awesome for soaking up discharge but only after 6 months when your piece is well into healing. Pandora Silver Gray Charm 206 I cut my healing time in half by making a wooden piece of jewellery and inserting it around 6 months. This was my own choice and knew what I was at. Listen to your piercer and follow what they say. I the ability to make Pandora Silver Gray Charm 206 custom wooden jewellery so was in total control over all aspects. What works for me, may not work for you.

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful to people possibly considering a dermal punch or Pandora Silver Gray Charm 206 who are currently going through the marathon that is healing dermal punches.