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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

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//The monarch, smiling warmly into her husband eyes with her right hand nestled into the crook of his arm as she had done in 1947, added a nostalgic touch by wearing the same jewellery as she had done for the original photo. Her double strand pearl necklace was a wedding gift from her father King George VI and the brooch is thought to have been a gift to Queen Victoria from Prince Albert. //The Chrysanthemum brooch is smaller and has a more intricate cut.

I think I saw that when I toured the tower of london. It looks amazing in person and probably costs more than I make in my lifetime, lol. I recommend the tour because when I went with my family I wandered off a bit and one of those old timey beefeater guards helped me get back to the tour, except we went via the tunnel system tourists don usually see. The tunnels are dark and a little smelly, but about halfway through I peered through a side tunnel to see and I swear this is true two dudes just beating the shit out of a third. I only was able to see for about two or Tiffany Starfish Charm Chain three seconds, but it was clearly two other guys in period costumes beating down a guy in normal street clothes.

The guard noticed me looking and winked at me and told me not to worry my "pretty head" about that. I was about to Pandora Silver Gray Charm 163 say something when the guy they were beating down runs right past us, stops, turns around, and yells something crazy and stabs the guard in front of me with a makeshift shiv. The guard is bleeding Pandora Silver Gray Charm 163 all over me as I holding him up and screaming and the killer grabs my hand, kisses it, says "goodbye my lady" and slits his own throat in front of me. Suddenly the tunnel is full of military guys and they drag off all the bodies and tell me that this was all an accident and I should never say anything to anyone about this. I guess it was pretty weird.

Camilla was entitled to be given the title princess consort when she married Charles. That also entitles her to use the title queen consort if Charles ever becomes king. In order to marry into the royal family, you need the permission of the reigning monarch, which was given by the queen as well as some titles for the couple on their wedding day, as is Pandora Silver Gray Charm 163 customary. Kate was given duchess of Cambridge, countess of strathearn and baroness carrickfergus at her wedding. The convention is normally to use the highest ranking title for official engagements, (so for Kate that Pandora Silver Gray Charm 163 duchess Cambridge) but either out of respect for Diana or fearing a public outcry, depending on how cynical you are, Camilla opted not to take of wales and have Duchess of Cornwall as her highest title. She still perfectly entitled to use once Charles is king, but clarence house have confirmed she will use consort thereby avoiding ever being known as of wales which was strongly associated with Di

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