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Ready to cheat on my wife

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Please no "achievement posts" (eg. I finally had my first orgasm!) except for on Sexual Achievement Sundays. The mods will make a post every Sunday where you can discuss something you recently accomplished in your sexual escapades. For our preschool age son, financial reasons, and for the fact that I still do care for and love my wife and have an otherwise live able, often even enjoyable, relationship, I unwilling/unable to consider divorce.

My wife sex drive Pandora Silver Gold Yellow Charm 784 is gone, she admits, and has shown that she really has no interest in regaining it. My sex drive, on the other hand, is still very much alive and I finally come to the place where I open to exploring the possibility of getting my sexual needs met extramaritally.

That pretty much sums it up. But the record breaking mass of text below explains the details.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I finally decided to put my story out there not so much in hopes of advice on how to improve my situation, but more just to get it off my chest, and maybe I find some people who can understand the way I feel, who are or were in a similar place. And just maybe some twisted bastard somewhere in the world will tell me I not a terrible person.

So, why have I given up on trying to improve things with my wife? Perhaps the biggest reason is simply that she doesn want to have sex. At all. Everything else in Pandora Spacer Bead Pumpkin Gold her life is more of a priority. Even though she knows how badly I crave physical intimacy and sex. She has no sex drive any more, and no longer gets enjoyment from sex, although I tried to make it enjoyable/ pleasurable for her. On the rare occasion we are in bed together, I try to spend time on foreplay, (although kissing is often forbidden because she afraid either one of us might have a cold germ of some kind and might pass it on to the other you can imagine that after oral, absolutely no kissing is aloud) I go down on her and try to give her pleasure so that it not just about me (it also serves to lube her up since she has never Pandora Silver Gold Yellow Charm 784 had a very wet v, Round Hoop Earrings anyway) but she always ends up saying "thank you, but that enough" and tells me politely to go ahead and get on with it. After which sex itself is often painful for her.