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Rachelle LeFevre signed chucks available for the hardest

Learn more about Sandira venture, her new items, Tiffany Six Hearts Bracelet and enjoy the slideshow chock full of gorgeous pieces.

How did you get started painting Converse shoes in Twilight themes?

I had just finished reading all four books (back to back!) and was fully immersed in the world of Twilight. I decided to paint a pair for myself and was really happy with the outcome so I emailed a few of the twilight blogs with some photos. They are so timeless and effortlessly cool, Pandora Silver Gold Yellow Charm 376 so the idea of painting on canvas shoes just flowed naturally. I also paint many other designs on the shoes, not just the Twilight theme, and some of the themes just go hand in hand with the Converse brand. As Ray Basile pointed out on his blog about the Star Trek Chucks I painted, idea of giving a nod to 1960's era Star Trek by using a pair of classic Chuck Taylor's as the canvas is truly fascinating and Thomas Sabo Charms yellow Peace Mark highly logical in any galaxy. Also any purchase of two items on my online shop will receive a new moon gift.

I hope to bring out a special piece of jewellery with every movie. At the moment I have also launched limited edition gift sets, one based around the meadow scene in twilight and one based around Breaking Dawn. This set is my personal Pandora Silver Gold Yellow Charm 376 favourite as it the most detailed charm bracelet I made and comes with Renesmee locket (complete with the Tiffany LOVE Heart Lock Necklace French inscription) and a Cullen crest ring.

Describe the method used to paint the shoes.

First I have to prime the surface of the canvas on the shoes, I then usually sketch out the outlines of the design lightly in pencil and put down a base coat of colour. I then go over adding all the details, colours and shading. Lastly I paint on any quotes and writing with a really fine paintbrush. Everything is painted free hand; I don use screens or pens. When the shoes are finished I add a protective top coat. All in all the shoes take around 6 hours to complete over the course of a few days!

Are they designed to wear or serve as a keepsake only? How do you clean them?

They may look like keepsakes but these shoes are meant to be worn! All the artwork is waterproof (sadly the shoes aren the shoes can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and soap.

How did you get Peter Facinelli and Rachelle LeFevre to sign Pandora Silver Gold Yellow Charm 376 your shoes? What did they have to say about your chucks?

I met Peter at the London Comic Con, he was very jetlagged but in good spirits. He thought the shoes were awesome and was impressed with the portrait of Carlisle! He also asked if they were wearable.

I was a vendor Pandora Silver Gold Lock Charm 531 at the Eternal Twilight Convention that took place in the UK a few weeks ago. In between signings Rachelle popped into the Dealers room when she caught sight of the hand painted Chucks! She was absolutely lovely, I didn even see her at first, all I heard was, these are awesome! Everything is Pandora Silver Gold Yellow Charm 376 gorgeous! She loved the chucks and wants to get a pair for her little sister. She fell in love with the jewellery too and now owns Pandora Silver Gold Yellow Charm 376 a handmade twilight charm bracelet. Rachelle also signed the pair of chucks that a lady bought from me, they had the lightening baseball scene (and were the ones that Peter had already signed) she wrote the one with the wicked curveball on them which was a really nice touch! She kindly signed a Twilight pair that are up for sale on the website and would make a great gift to a fan!

Why did the Peter Facinelli signed chucks proceeds go to the Thalessemia Federation why is that organization close to your heart?

Thalessemia is a blood disorder. I thought it all tied in quite nicely with the whole Vampire theme. It a cause that I Pandora Silver Gold Yellow Charm 376 imagine Dr Cullen would do a lot to help!

What new lines of jewelry do you offer?

I just launched quite a few new items. I have an unusual suede wrap charm bracelet that is really striking when worn. I also have my own version of Bella bracelet as described in Eclipse. There are various charm bracelets, with every charm relating to the books. I excited about the New Moon charm bracelet as it has some really unusual Twilight related charms such as Ephraim Black dressed in his tribal chief outfit, Jacobs cabin, and a beautifully detailed dirt bike to name a few.

Canvas Warriors actually started out with me making jewellery out of my paintings, so I hoping to re launch that line very soon!

Do you make the jewelry? What do you prefer painting the chucks or designing jewelry?

I make and design the jewelry. My sister and my mum have also learnt how to make them and they help me (Thanks mum and sis!)

I honestly enjoy doing both, when I get frazzled from painting chucks, the jewelry is a welcome retreat and vice versa.

Ok, this is for my own knowledge, because I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to anything fashion related why are Converse called chucks?

I a total geek; I love this stuff! The All star high tops are primarily a basketball shoe and were made famous by a player called Chuck Taylor who not only sported them but made suggestions on the design, including the patch which adds protection to the ankle. As a result his name is on the patch and the all star high tops are known as Chucks or Chuck Taylor Incidentally, they are the most successful selling basketball shoe in history.

Why do you offer painted hoodies is it a tribute to Robert Pattinson and the fact that he always wears hoodies, or just coincidence? How do you care for the hand painted hoodies?

Haha this made me chuckle! It just a (nice) coincidence that Rob is into his hoodies; it would be awesome to get him to rock one of mine! Anyone that knows me knows that I love hoodies, I always in them. I been printing hoodie designs for years now. I lived in New York for a while and used to sell hand printed hoodies at an artist market in Brooklyn, so transferring my style to the twilight theme came naturally. I drawn to hoodies that have great designs on them and that have stuff on the hood and sleeve. It all started because I couldn find any I liked so I started putting my own designs on them and the response has been great. There are many of us that want to express being a twilight fan without screaming it, so the hoodies convey that.

They can be washed as normal, its best to turn them inside out to protect the design, and iron on the reverse. I printed on fruit of the loom hoodies as it a name most people know and can rely on, so you know you getting a quality product that won shrink after the first wash.

Where do you get the inspiration for all of your creations? Do you try and literally translate Twilight themes from book/movie to your work, or are your creations simply "inspired" by the Saga?

All the stuff I make has come about because I couldn find anything Twilight related that I would really wear. I not into the overly cheesy merchandise you can get, and especially with my jewellery, I wanted to make items that people would feel special and excited about wearing. With the Edwards message necklace, I like to feel as if Edward wrote me the note!