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Purchasing Czech Garnets and Czech Garnet Jewelry

Czech garnets also known as Bohemian garnets are deep red Pyrope garnets. The finest garnets Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 431 Tiffany Pearl Earrings have been mined in the Thomas Sabo Charms Drop-shaped Charm Clear Zirconia Czech Republic for several centuries. Czech garnet jewelry is traditionally characterized by many small garnets packed together so that the garnet gemstones cover the piece, though modern interpretations of classic jewelry pieces are sure to be found Pandora Murano Glass Bead 001 alongside antique originals.

Prices will vary according to quality, quantity, and size of the garnets, as well as the metal in which the stones are set. Make sure you Pandora Murano Glass Bead 261 are buying garnets from a reputable dealer; many a Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 431 foreigner has been Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 431 fooled into buying fakes.

Streets (for example, Karlova) in the tourist districts will be lined with Czech garnet shops. You can gather information Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 431 about the average price and available quality of the type of garnet jewelry you are in the market for by shopping around. Anything from small earrings and pendants to garnet encrusted chokers and brooches will be on display. You'll get better prices the farther you venture from the Thomas Sabo Charms Flip-flop central hubbub.