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Properties of Tourmaline Gemstone

The green tourmaline can also Tiffany Note Necklace heal specific imbalances such as timidity or an energetically closed heart / inability Pandora Silver Animal Gray Charm Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 384 313 to connect to other human beings.

Blue Tourmaline is calming and soothing, it helps promote clarity and Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 384 understanding of oneself and others. The deep blue energy of tourmaline can also promote better communication on Thomas Sabo Charms Box Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 384 Pendant all levels be it on the physical or etheric level.

Yellow Tourmaline spreads a very charm bracelets pandora joyful energy that can help strengthen one's self esteem and the love of life. Yellow colour being the colour of the third chakra / the solar plexus centre, its solar power can also help strengthen one's energy, as well as attract more abundance.

Brown Tourmaline has a strong nourishing and grounding/centering energy. It helps one heal suppressed feelings and Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 384 emotions in a quiet and supportive way. It can also infuse one with courage and genuine confidence.

Watermelon Tourmaline is a pure joy to behold as it brings a variety of high vibration, pure energies into your own energy field. It usually come with a pink colour in the centre of the gemstone and Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 384 green colour on its outer layers. Pink and green being the colors associated with the heart chakra, the watermelon tourmaline is definitely one of the main gemstones to support the energy of a happy, healthy Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 384 and vibrant heart.

As generally (but not always!) tourmaline is quite affordable, it can often be used instead of precious gemstones with somewhat similar energy.

For example, you can use pink and red tourmaline instead or a ruby, deep green tourmaline instead of emeralds and blue tourmaline instead of sapphires.