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Prints and patterns to take us anywhere

I've been so dazzled by the play of patterns and textures coming out of the Milan, Paris and Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 268 London ready to wear collections that I've all but ignored the extent to which the trend has already staked a claim here in Los Angeles.

And yet here and there we're seeing it: the unexpected flash of occasionally clashing colors and textures, Pandora Murano Glass Bead 237 the boldly graphic statements, the mix and mash of neutrals and vivid color pieces (sometimes in the form of jewellery I've been Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 268 noticing a lot of great, original jewellery lately). Obviously, we're already primed for it. It's just a matter of the weather settling into the right discomfort zone and letting us choose between the flannels and knits or cottons and silks.

In a political and economic (even cultural) climate that seems to be taking us absolutely nowhere, we long for something that moves us anywhere at all. Et voil: prints, patterns, texture versus texture, pattern on pattern. In more bejeweled or eccentrically cut iterations, there was a suggestion of something Indian or slightly Tiffany Middle Bracelet exotic. Either way, whether in the ambiguous Chuck Close blur of an all over lozenge pattern, a supple second skin, or the Op Art/kinescopic criss cross of lattice and Greek key, you Thomas Sabo Charms Platform Shoe had the sense of animation, of simultaneous forward and lateral movement. (The belts didn't work at all, though.)

Neither prints nor pants were entirely absent from Pucci, but black absolutely dominated the runway mostly in bias cut dresses in variously slashed, flocked and cutaway Thomas Sabo Charms Charm Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 268 Pendant Cloverleaf with A Sparkling C combinations of chiffon and velvet (and sometimes leather, both faux alligator matte and shiny distressed), sometimes with a very defined, rectilinear geometry, sometimes a looser, all over decoration. There were some elegant looks here, all very wearable and very womanly. You had to wonder if Peter Dundas's "Pucci Girl" had grown up. Dundas seems to be moving the School of Pucci into new post fellowship terrain.

There was a good deal of black in Tomas Maier's collection for Bottega Veneta; but I'm not going to retread the (mostly excellent) reviews here. There is something so secure and confident about the way Maier handles a silhouette that ranges from slightly boxy, to something more closely contoured to the body and softly sleek; with collar (sometimes jeweled), closure and trim. (A print dress in an abstracted 'falling leaves' pattern was a poem.) I didn't think the peplumed skirt worked with Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 268 a waffle knit top; but, on a long velvet gown, subtly gathered toward the hemline, he came as close to it as anyone else has this season.

Silhouette and 'framing' (by contour and detailing) are crucial to the kind of fragmented prints Dries van Noten used in his collection. If the proportions or the silhouette were wrong, Thomas Sabo Necklaces Green Crystal Beads it wasn't going to work regardless of the print's beauty. On a dress or tunic over narrow trousers, it carried restrained impact and drama. Narrow lengths of printed fabric along sleeves and sides lit up an austere narrow paneled slate coat with high collar (itself framing a high collared blouse). I thought the shorter jackets worked surprisingly well with some of the Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 268 more fully cut trousers. As with several other collections this season, the belts seemed so unnecessary and beside the point. If you're featuring an inherently dramatic print, an accessory like that really needs to stand out.

Fortunately, there are more than a few stand outs in the Paris field, which will have to wait for the next post. The Total Look (subtitled "The Creative Collaboration Between Rudi Gernreich, Peggy Moffitt, and William Claxton") is virtually a one show Pandora Silver Gold White Charm 268 course in contemporary aesthetics, as relevant and on the pulse as it would have been 50 years ago.