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Proper Body Piercing Hygiene and YOU

Body piercing is a fashion statement that doesn't show any signs of waning. And that's Pandora Silver Gold Star Charm 767 o k. I say to each his own. But if you are going to pierce your nose or your eyebrow or your lip of any number of other prime locations on your body at least consider the ramifications and don't lose sight of how important proper hygiene is. Know that the risks involved in body piercing are serious. There are genuine problems that can and do arise, and these should not be ignored. On the other hand, by employing certain precautions and taking proper care of your piercing, you can minimize your chance of having piercing problems and greatly increase the chances that you will be one of the millions of people who will end up with a healthy, normal piercing. Anytime you stick a pointy object in your skin, you're taking a risk. Obviously if that object is a needle you're taking a BIG risk. But whatever it is that makes a hole, needs to be clean. What you do with your body is your business, but you're doing yourself a huge favor by putting emphasis on the following:

1. Piercing infection. Without correct care, infection can bring scarring Pandora Silver Gold Star Charm 767 and a person can even get blood poisoning. You have to be very careful, because a piercing infection is not good and can turn into pandora uk something dangerous if left unattended.

2. Allergic Reaction. Pandora Silver Gold Star Charm 767 Some individuals are skin sensitive to certain metals and find this out this only when they are get pierced and have a heavy reaction to jewelry. Experts recommend Titanium or Blackline body jewellery, as this is a completely pure metal. Your piercing will heal at a substantially faster rate with this body jewellery. This is because it is biologically inert.

3. Healing Time.

4. Bleeding. If you get pierced and happen Thomas Sabo Charms Brown Egg to hit a blood vessel, you could have difficulties stopping the bleeding and may have to get it cauterized in the emergency room. That would suck.

5. Danger of Cross Contamination. You may become cross contaminated by the Pandora Silver Gold Star Charm 767 human immunodeficiency virus, Hepatitis or another blood infection if you Return To Tiffany Oval Tag Ring use dirty needles.

6. Cheloids. These are rough knots of scar matter that look like a sac at the base of a piercing.

7. If you get AIDS as a result of a dirty needle than you can't donate your blood. So if ever considered donating blood in the future, weigh the risks involved if your little piercing adventures takes a turn for the worst. More to the point you cannot donate blood for the whole one year after getting pierced no exceptions.

8. Dental Risks. If you want to get oral piercing you are required to share your dental history of any oral problems. This may include chipped teeth, threadbare tooth enamel, and inflammation of the gums. There are a few problems that can emerge from infection, and swelling of the tongue is also a probability, and it Pandora Silver Gold Star Charm 767 is very troublesome.

Other risks can occur. But it depends on what you can call a risk. I tend to think of the following as annoyances more than anything else.

Pain. Are you afraid of needles? Does the sight of Pandora Silver Gold Star Charm 767 blood make you pee in your pants? If this sounds like you, a piercing is a setup for more pain than you may be expecting. Most piercing creates pain and discomfort that lasts for a couple weeks.

Cost. The worst piercing problems are when you can't afford the procedure. Don't do it if you don't have the cash. The cost of body piercing will vary according to the jewellery you choose, the area you want to be pierced, and where you go. In my neck of the woods, the norm appears to be between $30 to $40 bucks. The prices may be different where you live. Just remember that a "cheap" piercing is not always a good piercing.

Commitment. You are taking the risk to yourself if you cannot wash your piercing twice a day.

Criticism. If you get pierced, some people around you will judge you. You must ask yourself: Do you want to deal with the criticism from your parents, your grandparents, your teachers or family friends?

Having considered the pro's and con's of piercing, you are now educated in the potential piercing problems and risks. The best piece of advice is saved for last: choose a well known, professional piercing artist and Thomas Sabo Charms Lizard Pendant you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Maybe not a lot of pain but at least you will know what you're getting yourself into.

Published by Gary Picariello

I traveled Thomas Sabo Charms Love Charm Pendant with Spring Clasp the world as a Broadcast Journalist working for the American Forces Radio Television Service in the United States Air Force. Now happily retired after 23 years of service, and after re se.