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Princess Diana's Jewelry

Princess Diana's Jewelry Diana had access to a Pandora Silver Gold Purse Charm 594 wide range of the British Royal Family's Pandora Silver Gold Purse Charm 594 jewels after her 1981 marriage to Prince Charles, and acquired her own jewelry collection during and after those years. The pictures in this Princess Diana photo gallery illustrate some of her favorite styles, like pearls of all types, Return To Tiffany Round Coin Edge Ring Tag Cuff Links which were a part of her ensemble for many public events. Chokers were another favorite, some simple Pandora Silver Gold Purse Charm 594 and others Pandora Silver Gold Purse Charm 594 ornate (Diana sometimes clipped a brooch to the center of a pearl choker). Princess Diana wasn't Pandora Silver Gold Purse Charm 594 afraid to combine elements from one piece of jewelry into another or wear jewelry in non traditional ways she wore Queen Mary's emerald Thomas Sabo Charms Sandal Flip Flop choker as a headband during a 1985 trip to Australia. More Kate Middleton tiffany sale 2010 married Princess Diana's son, Prince William, on April 29, 2011. William gave her Diana's sapphire and diamond engagement ring when he and Kate became engaged. Fashions and Jewelry from William and Kate's Wedding Queen Elizabeth II married Philip Mountbatten in 1947. Take a look back at (then) Princess Elizabeth's Wedding Day

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