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prime mortgages and what was their part in the economic collapse

PLEASE DO NOT DISABLE CSS tiffany co jewelry cheap IN ELI5! There are many features of both form and function that are embedded in ELI5 CSS that we would really appreciate you to keep. Disabling CSS will not allow you to circumvent locked threads. If there is something wrong with the CSS that Elsa Peretti Mini Open Heart Necklace you would like us to fix, we may be able to help if you send us a message. Thanks! If you browsing on a client, just ignore this message!Top level comments are for explanations or related questions only. No low effort "explanations", single sentence replies, anecdotes, or jokes in top level comments.Don post just to Pandora Silver Gold Love Heart Charm 774 express an opinion or argue a point of view.After receiving an adequate explanation, OP should mark the post Explained. Explained posts are still open to discussion!ELI5 isn a guessing game; if you aren confident in your explanation, please don speculate.Let say you want to buy a $250K house.If you make Pandora Silver Gold Love Heart Charm 774 $100K a year, Pandora Silver Gold Love Heart Charm 774 have good credit and can put 20% down, lenders are pretty sure you can pay back a mortgage and Pandora Silver Gold Love Heart Charm 774 are happy to make you a "normal" loan. These loans are packaged up with loans of similar, low risk borrowers into various investment vehicles.Let say you make $30K a year, have bad credit, and can put anything down. Well, back in 2006, lenders would still give you a loan, because housing prices were going up so fast, they figured your house would be worth $350K by the time you defaulted, and they get their money back. Your loan would also get grouped with similar high risk borrowers, and these were collectively called "sub Thomas Sabo Necklaces Turquoise Stone Round Beads prime" loans.The problem was sub prime loans relied on the rising housing market. Bad borrowers could re finance Pandora Silver Gold Love Heart Charm 774 and use their equity to get out of trouble, Pandora Bead With Stone Diamond Green and worst case, borrowers could foreclose and get their money back.But then housing prices started to fall. People who got Tiffany HAPPY Bracelet loans they shouldn have qualified on houses they couldn afford suddenly owed more than the houses were worth. They were foreclosed on, but there was no one to buy the houses, putting a glut houses on the market, making prices fall even more, getting even more borrowers in trouble, creating a death spiral and economic collapse.close this windowyou'll need to login or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.