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Miniature Projects Made From Beads

Beads are used widely in miniature projects. Everything from tiny no hole or Pandora Murano Glass Bead 194 micro beads, to delicate crystals find a place in miniatures. Pandora Murano Glass Bead 194 From table lamps to berries, you'll find lots of miniature and dollhouse projects based on commonly available beads.

1. Make Miniature Berries From MicrobeadsLesley Shepherd

The standard method for making bottles or jars is to use either a 'lite brite' peg Pandora Murano Glass Bead 194 or a combination of beads. Beads can be used for decorative perfume bottles, or as part of a bottle cap. Projects that use these technques include:

Make Dollhouse Scale Flasks, tiffany store Flagons and Bottles From BeadsMake a Mold and Cast Miniature Bottles


Beads are the mainstay for decorative lamps for the dollhouse in several scales. Here are some simple lighting projects based on beads of various types:

Make a Miniature Waterfall Chandelier from BeadsMake a Miniature Bear (or other animal) Table LampMake a Miniature Lighthouse Lamp


You can make a variety of dollhouse scale Christmas ornaments from beads. The list includes instructions for everything from angels to stained glass stars and balls, as Thomas Sabo Charms Blue Football well as Thomas Sabo Charms Red Clog small scale candy garlands. When you travel, look for useful beads to add to your collection of ornaments.

6. Make an Elegand Miniature Writing Set Using Beads and FoilPhoto 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This is another variation of making miniature bottles from beads. This time the beads are used Pandora Murano Glass Bead 194 for an ink bottle for a dollhouse scale writing set. You can also use beads for the writing set tray or to support the pen holder if you wish.


These kitchen printables use beads for knobs and separators:

Make a Miniature Printable Cake Plate and Dessert Set Thomas Sabo Charms White Bag in a Red With Gold Hearts Design.


Beads are a common material for making miniature plants in several scales. Most commonly Thomas Sabo Charms Cherie they are used for berries, buds, or central bud clusters but they can also be used for topiary;

Make Pandora Murano Glass Bead 194 Miniature Mistletoe Kissing BallsMake a Quarter Scale Topiary from BeadsMake Miniature Hollyhocks in 1:48 Scale

More Miniature ProjectsDollhouse Kitchen Printables in Several ScalesMake Miniature Foods and BakingMake Dollhouse Furniture

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