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Miniature Pasta for Dollhouse Scale Displays 1837 Collection Lock Charm Bracelet or Fun Decorations and Jewellery

These tiny strands of pasta or macaroni are fun to see in miniature packages. I'm going to use some to make tiny tree decorations, scaled down versions of the types of things young children make to put on a dollhouse tree. These items aren't things you can keep forever, as being made of food, they an attract some big bugs! It's a fun Pandora Murano Glass Bead 184 technique provided you realize it won't last forever, and shouldn't be kept Pandora Murano Glass Bead 184 anywhere near quality miniatures!

Click Pandora Murano Glass Bead 184 on the photos next to each Pandora Flower Bead Rose Gold step to enlarge them and see clearer details of the process.

When I made the miniature cellophane packages I found a great source of material in my pantry using recycled pasta bags. You could (should) make scale miniature food from inert items like polymer or air dry clay, but I had some real capellini, or Pandora Murano Glass Bead 184 angel hair pasta that was just right for tiny pasta bags. Once the Pandora Bead With Stone Cross Green bags were made to scale, I broke a few strands of capellini, put them in the cellophane bag, and heat sealed the ends. A real miniature bag of spaghetti in 1:12 or larger scales.

2. Shaping Capellini To Make Miniature MacaroniPhoto 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Although they aren't hollow, you can shape capellini into tiny macaroni curves that fool the eye. To shape the capellini, I dropped a few strands into boiling water until they were pliable, (don't need to bring them to the fully cooked state). Once they were soft enough to bend easily, I removed the pasta from the stove, and wrapped strands around thin metal skewers. You could also wrap them around fine gauge wire, 18 to 24 gauge, depending on the size you want your macaroni.

Set the pasta aside to dry on the wire.

To make it easier to work with, let the flexible strands of pasta sit on a plate for a few minutes until they begin to shrink and dry. You will notice them darkening slightly and they won't be sticky.

Once they have started to dry, they are still pliable enough to wrap around a wire, but they won't break apart as easily as they will when fully moist.

Leave the pasta to dry spiralling tightly around the wire.

3. Forming Miniature Macaroni From Spirals of CapelliniPhoto 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Once your capellini has dried into tight spirals on your wire, slide the pasta off the wire and break it apart into smaller sections with your fingers. Most of it will break into semi circles.

Use a sharp knife to cut the sections of pasta into gentle hoops. There are your tiny solid (rather than tubes) of macaroni. Fill up a miniature cellophane pasta bag and sit back to have people Thomas Sabo Charms Butterfly Pendant ask how you did it. Sadly the Pandora Silver Globe Charm mini macaroni won't hold its shape when cooked!

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