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That was likely somewhat the case as the early birds jumped at what looked like opportunity. Then those with a lot to lose used that info to say 'Well Pandora Murano Glass Bead 148 they are buying it up in heaps everywhere else, gold is just fine' which got the price moving upward again, but now reality strikes, that demand seems small relative to what the big boys buy and sell, and if they can't make money holding an asset, well we all know that one. I would suggest in general that gold is perhaps less valuable in the future than even now, but that probably wont be Thomas Sabo Earrings Blue Pandora Murano Glass Bead 148 Color the case for it's price. maybe it has more real undiscovered uses?

The Federal Reserve can create deflation just as easily as they did with the great depression if their investment in QE starts to go stale from higher interest rates. Given Pandora Murano Glass Bead 148 QE they can make a depression much worse than the great depression now that they truly do control money supply with no restraints at all. We are all foolish to let Congress give away our rights to control money supply. Thomas Sabo Charms Big Daisy Zirconia Pave Without a fair method of creating and distributing money supply (or at least democratic) we can not call this monetary system capitalism at Pandora Murano Glass Bead 148 all.

I don't see a the sense of cheerleading gold when gold and the Thomas Sabo Rings Large Purple and Orange Flower Ring miners are dropping everyday. That is a fact. There was strong demand at that point, but the price was low relative to the paper price. Eventually physical gold caught up to the paper gold. Sold it a couple of months ago as bulk and still made more than double. For the bulls, it's them who should get a clue.

The CoT data for gold had the positioning as of last Tuesday. POG was $1,420 at that point. Managed money continued to modestly reduce long positions to the lowest level since 2008. But the big story was the continued reduction in the position of producers, who have now only hedged 27,066 contracts, or 2.706 million ounces. This represents a substantial reduction off of last week's 37,463 contracts. In other words, producers in general or Pandora Murano Glass Bead 148 perhaps one or two large producers were in the market during the week buying and closing out roughly 1.04 million ounces of gold hedges.

This tells us the gold producers have little future production to deliver to the paper Comex market. Last October, they had over 20 million ounces hedged. Most of the 2.706 million ounces still hedged is spread out over months, if not years. It may also suggest that gold producers prefer to sell their gold directly elsewhere and bypass the Comex altogether as a legitimate place to conduct business. That in itself would be a huge event. The commercial and producer indicator on its own is very bullish, but this seems especially so because of its challenge to the paper gold Comex "market.".