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Magic or Myth

Since the beginning of 2003 I have been lucky enough to have lived in Mojacar, Almeria Spain. Over these six years I have came across many people willing to share their own little piece of Mojacar "magic". Here I would like Tiffany Open Cube Earrings to share two of Mojacar's secrets that to me symbolise both the village of Mojacar and it's people. To date, few people have been unable to offer an explanation that adequately explains the magical and enchanting experience that is the hilltop village of Mojacar. Not only residents of this town feel this way, the magic is extended to visitors as well.

The town is proud to have as it good luck charm The Indalo Man. Pandora Murano Glass Bead 107 This symbol of a man holding a rainbow has survived from prehistoric times. It was found over one hundred years ago in local mountain caves and adopted by the town as it's symbol of good luck. It was first worn by local women to ward off the evil eye of passing strangers. Today the Indalo Man can be found everywhere in the town from paintings on local buildings to handcrafted jewellery. Local customs dictate that Indalos can never be bought for personal use, they must be given as a gift. Very few visitors to Mojacar can resist purchasing at least one Indalo in some form to present as a gift to a friend. As the desire to spread good luck is universal many households across the world have a little piece of Mojacar brought to them by a visitor or resident of Mojacar.

Mojacar Town Hall agrees and as yet representatives of Walt Disney have yet to provide a birth certificate stating he was born in California. Versions of the story vary but commonly Pandora Murano Glass Bead 247 agree that the boy was adopted by her employers and his name changed to Disney. You don't have to talk to many people in the hilltop village of Mojacar before encountering at least one person who has the tiniest link to this incredible story.

In 2001 British Newspaper " The Guardian" ran the story of two suspected FBI agents arriving in Mojacar Pandora Murano Glass Bead 107 in 1940 to destroy evidence that proves Walt Disney was born in Mojacar, it goes on to Pandora Silver Gold Star Christmas Tree Charm 421 interview the American owner of Tito's beach bar who came to Mojacar in the 1960's and is to this day still entertaining his customers with stories of Mojacar's Disney connection.

Javier Ercilla from Pequeo Produce Films hopes to obtain funding to make a movie of Walt Disney's birth and life with filming taking place in Mojacar, Valencia, Barcelona, Chicago and New Pandora Murano Glass Bead 107 York. He claims to have secret information Pandora Murano Glass Bead 107 relating Walt Disney to Mojacar.

Until this urban myth is disproved the people of Mojacar will continue to claim Walt Disney as their own and welcome those Pandora Silver Gold Flower White Charm 382 who wish to visit this unique part of the world that is Europe's only desert to make up their own minds.


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