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Julian Cox's Comments on TSLA

it looks much more likely from VIN number evidence that Tesla is keeping pace with US demand and supplying Europe also. One of the pieces of evidence against 1425 being correct was presented by you. If it is correct that 5 months for a base model has been compressed to 3, every single Model S owner on this forum who has stated that he has raised one or two new reservations from showing the car, and the 25% of Thomas Sabo Charms Red-enamelled Flip-flop Pendant test drives leading to a reservation quote, and any% conversion in the Tesla stores would all pretty much have to be false in order for those two months to be compressed into Q2 without a corresponding uplift of sales deliveries.

Jun 3 11:54 Pandora Murano Glass Bead 011 PM"but the fact is that orders are declining!"Intellectual integrity would be appreciated. You are stating as fact something that is entirely lacking in evidence unless it is to the contrary, and is very likely (99.99% likely IMO) to be entirely inaccurate.1425 sales in May is an uneducated guess based on figures that were presented in a Q1 earnings call prior to the receipt of $1.08 billion and additional evidence to suggest that this number is out by as much as 3:1 or more depending the ramp profile throughout Q2.

Jun 3 11:34 PMI have really enjoyed the feel of a 911 on the few occasions I have driven one, Carrera 4 just a great machine. 928 GTS 5.4 litre V8 it was described as the flagship model at one point. There was just this wonderful sound of twin fuel pumps followed by an extraordinary rumble of the 5.4 V8 on start up I know some of the big Astons are more awesome in Pandora Murano Glass Bead 011 the sound department but the 928 had that "it just works even when pushed to the limits of traction most of the time, never going to fall to bits" appeal, been going German with great results ever since prior to the 928 two Jags an XJS and a Soverign both an appalling disaster to maintain. The 928 was actually the fastest car I have ever used for the purpose meaning to cut 4 hour journeys into 1 hour 45 just continuous confident 2+ times over limit speed under complete and confident control. Eventually replaced it with an S Class Merc the only car I have ever completely lost respect for (they have changed the S Class completely since then I have only heard good of the newer ones). Followed that up with two 7 Series V8 BMWs because IMO they are just the best combination of everything the S Class should have been and what the 928 was. You are a martyr for a cause. You could not pay me to drive a Prius no matter how it corners.

Jun 3 10:45 PMgwashn Are you really that gullible or just hopeful that someone else is?1425 (US) + 500 for Europe is 1925 in one month that would exceed 4500 guidance. But that is not even it. I noticed in another one of your posts that you said that the wait list for a low end model had reduced to 3 months. Now what happened to the other 2 months of production backlog?Cancellations in the face of terrible news from Consumer Reports that it was the best car they every tested. Unlikely. I would rather guess that they are crushing previously guided sales delivery numbers.

Jun 3 09:15 PMmanfredthreeThank you for the compliment regards the article. With respect I think you are very quick, perhaps too quick to project from extraordinary known data points to the ordinary and mundane in the realm of the unknown future. Perhaps that is both prudent and the way it should be. Regards Europe it is indeed correct that there is a warm welcome waiting for Tesla on the market fundamentals, you are correct in saying that overt bullying by vested interests is not a European thing but underhand backstabbing and deal scuppering is and it is every bit as dangerous and every bit as well funded. The only difference is that US power is played out largely by convincing (or fooling) the masses into crowds for and against a cause, in Europe it is much more about back room deals with the result becoming a fait a complit for the ordinary citizen that with the rare explosion of public outcry is more or less used to the Pandora Murano Glass Bead 011 idea of putting up with aloof governance. Equally, the the success of Tesla in America I expect is underestimated considerably even by the consensus of longs.

Jun 3 08:00 PMYou have to remove the opinions of anyone who is not a potential customer for the Model S to get a balanced view of the demand and the market for it, including likely customer behaviour. That is anyone with $50K or more to spend on an ICE car (Lifetime cost $75100K when Pandora Murano Glass Bead 011 considering fuel, tax and maintenance). I am a BMW 7 series driver. I can definitely state that the opportunity to fill up a car equivalent to my 7 for free is overwhelmingly attractive. I may very well be able to go and fill the tank of the 7 for $100+ USD, but the comparative waste of money is excruciating. You see the value of that $100 is not just $100. It's $100 + the tax to earn it, plus the worth of that $100 as an investment compounded over the next 10 or 20 years. Bottom line, the opportunity cost of $100 dollars wasted on gas is a lot of money. It is also true from the perspective of the owner of a store If I was the store owner, I want the press event that comes with the new supercharger. I want the Tesla customers in my store, I want my store location on all Tesla car maps, I want the owners of cars that are stopped and questioned 1000 times a day to talk about my store as the place where they can go charge for free. Giving up 6 slots in the car park to make that happen is the best low cost advertisement imaginable. C'mon. Someone like you is trying to comment on what Musk understands or not when it comes to batteries (or anything else for that matter)? That takes the prize. In this case he does not need to know anything Thomas Sabo Charms Brown Dots Round Charm its just to check how much an home safe 80+ kWh distributed grid storage module is worth on the Solar City grid.

Jun 3 06:49 PMOK neck sticking out time. 1. Coming out of Q1 the company reported a 5 month backlog of orders, there are also plenty of indicators that demand for Model S was and is going mainstream in the US.2. The company raised $1.08billion, adding around $628 Million to circa $200M free cash flow after paying the DOE loan.3. The company talked about gross margin targets and cost efficiency measures. It also talked about $200M in what is presumably production equipment a figure curiously matching cash in bank: too much of a risk to commit to immediately to clear bottlenecks without a protracted period of earnings, or fresh funds, but lo and behold, a few days later there was fresh funds.4. The line at Freemont had already undergone a 40% reduction in tac time from December 2012 and was noted to be producing 500 cars per week (6000 vehicles per quarter), single shift.5. The criticism leveled at the Q1 results was an unreached goal of profitability purely attributable to cars (and an operating profit).6. We know therefore that the company is neither demand constrained nor cash constrained. It is however under pressure to deliver cars to customers and to produce profits from cars plus an overall operating profit.7. The argument against producing more than 2000 cars per month is that one of the most fast moving companies of all time has in fact spent 3 months faffing with efficiency measures the whole time. I am not buying that story.8. 7,000 10,000 cars could easily be 5000 US and 5000 Pandora Murano Glass Bead 011 href=>Pandora Murano Glass Bead 253 EU.

Jun 3 06:10 PMUpdate: June 3rd. Autodata publishes May US new auto sales figures. I believe this is the best opportunistic buying opportunity this stock has presented in a while. Reason: Obviously the company has made sales in excess of 1425 units. It is highly likely that this will be countered by a Musk tweet to clarify that the figure does not represent May sales at all. My Pandora Murano Glass Bead 011 personal feeling (what I would do if I was managing Tesla). I would double production on the back of cash recently received and continue to keep pace with US demand (and cut into backlog of orders) while also supplying deliveries to Europe. As I have stated in the article above, I believe total Q2 sales will be in the order of 7,000 10,000.