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Jewelry Sales Associate Job Description

A jewelry sales associate may work around expensive watches and wedding rings, antique brooches or trendy costume bracelets. It's an exhilarating and sometimes fun profession for fashionistas. The job conditions and pay vary greatly, depending on the type of store and jewelry sold. A jewelry sales associate can work in a large chain jewelry store, department store, discount retailer or designer boutique. The average pay for a retail sales associate ranged from $7.37 to $19.14 an hour in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An associate main priority is assisting shoppers. She takes jewelry out of cases to show customers while answering their questions and offering pertinent information about the item. She returns pieces to their proper place in the case or other display unit immediately if the customer doesn buy it. If jewelry remains on the counter or isn put in its original case, a thief might run off with it or it may be looked over in that evening inventory check. A clerk also informs customers of payment plans, return policies and other services. Depending on the store policy, customers may be able to bring jewelry back for repairs or cleaning.

A jewelry sales associate cleans and organizes the display cases to ensure items look appealing to customers. This job duty should be performed Tiffany Co Bangle at various times throughout the day, with a thorough check of items after the store has closed and first thing in the morning. She keeps paper towels and spray cleaner handy to keep glass free of smudge marks. Organizing rings and other items in a visually appealing way will increases sales, so a sales associate finds the most eye catching way to place items in a case or on a sales rack. An associate also sweeps floors and cleans other store fixtures and furniture.

Once a customer commits to buying jewelry, the associate rings up the sale and receives payment. She may simply swipe a major credit card, Pandora Flower Bead Love Bouquet Silver And Gold accept cash Thomas Sabo Charms Flower Charm or sign up the customer for a store credit card or credit plan. For larger purchases, such as an engagement or wedding ring, the clerk may need to run a credit check before Pandora Flower Bead Love Bouquet Silver And Gold finalizing the order. At the end of each workday, the associate gathers all the Pandora Flower Bead Love Bouquet Silver And Gold receipts, adds them up and places cash and other payment paperwork in the store safe or takes it to the bank.

Store personnel, especially those Pandora Enamel Silver Footprint Gray Charm 004 selling fine jewelry, must be diligent about checking inventory. Some companies require use specialized jewelry software to keep track of sales and stock on hand. A sales associate may need to enter this information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, according to the Pandora Flower Bead Love Bouquet Silver And Gold company's rules. Security rules are stringent for stores selling expensive watches or necklaces. They employ security guards and place extra surveillance cameras on the premises.