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"NEVER EVER put everything in one basket."He has now doesn't he? And he's completely invested in a out dated business model with the new one on its way. The whole point of that was to say when you see a disruptive change coming in your industry, don't go into denial or get angry, just sell up and get on the new wave while you still have the economic advantage. What every one of these disrupted industries have done throughout history is to sneer at the disruptor while they are still small, then later spend all their money trying to compete with it, then go bust instead of doing the right thing at the right time and getting double rich. Just amazing to witness a real life example of the principal at work in real time.

May 20 09:09 tiffany online store AMI am not entirely convinced that you are sane. It is the way that senior staff at Tesla are paid (except for Elon Musk who has never sold a share in Tesla). The management team at Tesla is the best of the best in the auto industry including a board member from Daimler and both of the founders of Google making it arguably by far the strongest management and engineering team ever assembled in Automotive history. Were it not for the intelligent use of shareholdings, to simply pay the open market salaries commanded by this team would be exorbitant. The SEC investigation is simply a survey of 10b5 1 plans to see if the rules should be altered. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing. Furthermore as far as I recall, it is not the company that has been subpoenaed it is one board member from one of Tesla's Venture Capitalist backers who sits on the Tesla board, in fact this subpoena is not even registered with the SEC making it questionable if the word subpoena is correct or whether it was just a hype word to Pandora Birthstone Bead Citrine Floral November Yellow sell an article. To think I tried to help you. Baaa rubbish.

May 20 12:21 AMthanks what I can see is cascade mismanagement that has apparently cost $100 Billion in Pandora Flower Bead Diamond Heart Silver cash already (over a period of years without so much as having that value add to the share price) and is about to cost another $10 $15 Billion in tax. Those two concessions alone costing $30 $300 Billion in brand value before it is all said and done. It is imperative that the man in charge has a vision that can in the very worst case scenario accommodate the current state of the business even then the business is bound to flat line and eventually falter by simple weight of gravity. Naturally the business must have a leader whose vision can not only accommodate the present with a sense that it is good but not yet good enough, but also a vision bigger than that to guide it to success far beyond the present state. A leader that is amazed that his business is doing as well as it is, obviously running to where the puck is rather than where the Pandora Flower Bead Diamond Heart Silver puck is going, is so lacking in fitness for purpose that I for one cannot stand the sight of it, and it is such a complete waste when the subject matter is Apple. Apple was a business that could afford to take bold risks that other companies could not Pandora Flower Bead Diamond Heart Silver that is what the cash pile was for. That was Steve's legacy. What Apple cannot afford to do is fail to take risks. Is vision in business really such a rare commodity? If so (Tim Jonny if you're reading) call me. It is an even more aggressive negative position to take about a stock than just not believing in it and not buying it. Shorting a stock is to actively invest in accordance with a belief in a company's temporary or ideally permanent failure. Sadly for them, and for you, nothing you have said adds up. These are not stupid people, they are more likely to be professional investors with a lot of computer hardware to back their assumptions as a rule than the average retail investor. These guys love bad news about a stock because that is where Pandora Flower Bead Diamond Heart Silver the money is. If these folk cannot find any merit in what you are saying then that would be a good time to stop.

May 19 05:22 PMNot even the shorts would agree with a single word in any of your postings. In fact you are actually discrediting the short argument by tiffany knot bracelet linking it with loud mouthed ignorance. Bandying around blatantly false accusations is more likely get you in trouble than to achieve any result you might hope for. Don't you think gas station shopping malls would spring up around a free gas pump station assuming the customer acknowledged the rate of fueling would be 30 minutes to an hour to spend on nothing but shopping and eating.

May 19 03:30 PMApple is about a living brand that inspires and delights with vision and bold investment in innovation ahead of ordinarily conceivable demand (insanely great products). In the post job's era the Brand is in danger of becoming Pandora Flower Bead Diamond Heart Silver a historical attribute with the company increasingly looking like it is being run by the 80:20 rule from the CFOs office.