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Jewelry Projects

Your old, faded T shirts do not need to go straight to your donation box or rag pile. Fashion a sophisticated and unusual necklace from that leftover T shirt for a craft project that is economical, simple and environmentally friendly. Use your child or partner's old T shirt to make a necklace that reminds you of them. Creating recycled T shirt necklaces can also be an ideal activity for a slumber party or girls' retreat. Teenage girls will love making the necklaces together and the finished product doubles as a party favor.

Rainbow faith bracelets use colored beads to help Christian women remember and share the way of salvation. The black bead symbolizes your sin, which separates you from God. It also reminds you that the wages of sin is eternal death. The red bead symbolizes the blood Jesus shed when he died for the sins of the world. This blood washes clean all who trust in it for salvation, which is represented by the clear bead. The green bead reminds you that once you are saved, you must grow in knowledge and holiness to become more like Christ. The yellow bead

There are few points to consider when making jewelry for men; scale, materials and style. These are the characteristics that differentiate men's jewelry from women's. Guys typically wear jewelry that is tough and rustic, so the material used is often leather, suede or heavy waxed cotton. A braided necklace is a classic piece to accent either formal or casual wear. Since it's for a guy, it's longer and the gauge is thicker than a woman's necklace. The style is an understated braid that works well alone or with a simple bead or pendant adornment.

The Friendship Wheel from Alex Toys provides a simplified tool to create a variety of friendship bracelets. A person gives a friendship bracelet to another person to symbolize their friendship. Friendship bracelets are a type of jewelry worn on the wrist and are usually made from intertwined string, floss or thread. The Friendship Wheel offers hearts, stripes, diamonds and flowers as different patterns for your bracelet. Using the Friendship Wheel requires hooking, unhooking and rehooking string through a sequence of notches on a wheel to create a colorful friendship bracelet.

Create an original piece of jewelry to wear with your favorite outfit. The multi strand necklace is made from lengths of thin satin ribbon that are filled with beads and then twisted together loosely. Ribbon and pearl beads come in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize the necklace to coordinate with your clothing, or enabling you to make a neutral colored necklace to wear with everything. Make a necklace or two for yourself and then make a few early Christmas gifts to give to family and friends.

Navaratna means "nine gems" and each gem represents one of the planets in Astrology. Many believe if someone wears jewelry with each gem, that they will receive a long and happy life. The nine gems are referenced in ancient Vedic texts, including rules for gem placement and quality. Some Thomas Sabo Black Plaited Leather 22 inch with 2 inch adjustable believe that high quality, flawless gems (especially ithose made out of sterling silver or gold) are auspicious, and anything less brings bad luck. If the gems are out of order, it also brings Pandora Enamel Silver Star Pink Charm 261 bad luck. Whether you believe in the mysticism of the gems or not, Navaratna bracelets are beautiful. Make a

How to Make Leather String Bracelets

Leather string bracelets are fun for all ages, and they are so easy to make. With just some string you can create the stylish bracelet that you want. The colors you use Pandora Enamel Silver Star Pink Charm 261 and string you choose is up to you. Follow a few basic, simple steps and you will have new piece of jewelry in no time.

Creating a bracelet from cotton rope is a beginner jewelry making craft. Cotton braiding cord of various thicknesses and colors are used as the material is durable and highly versatile. Homemade cotton rope bracelets are braided using a basic three strand braiding technique and embellished with assorted beads or charms. Friends or family members will appreciate receiving your custom made bracelets for birthdays, holidays or special events. Each bracelet is unique and can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

Ribbon bracelets are an ideal craft project for young children learning the basics of jewelry making. Decorative ribbon can be purchased at any craft store in a variety of thicknesses, textures and colors. Making ribbon bracelets from materials such as metallic, satin, grosgrain, velvet or sheer material can give the bracelet a unique look. Braided ribbon bracelets can also be embellished with beads or charms. Bracelets made with ribbons can be worn on wrists or ankles of all sizes with the help of a chain extender.

A chain is nothing more than a series of interconnected links. Whether these links are made of precious metals, iron or shoestrings, the structural composition of chains remains relatively unchanged. You can create a chain with old shoestrings that will fit around either your neck or your wrist, depending on your desires. Making a chain is time consuming but relatively simple and requires very little in the way of supplies. Once complete, you can leave the chain as is or further decorate it with additional accessories.

String bracelets are often referred to as friendship bracelets. These bracelets, made of colorful embroidery floss thread, are frequently made and given as a token of friendship. Friendship bracelets can be a thoughtful way to remind someone special in your life of their significance to you. This two string bracelet is a beginner friendship bracelet design. This pattern is a good starting point for those unfamiliar with following bracelet patterns. After working the two string bracelet, continue adding strings to make increasingly complex and elaborate bracelets.

Leverback earrings are made with a special type of closure finding that consists of a hook shaped wire on the front that fits into a sturdy lever on the back. The entire leverback finding forms a continuous kidney like shape when closed. Leverback findings are secure, comfortable tiffany rings prices and easy to put on and take off. They tend to be more secure than traditional earring posts, so are often used as closures for expensive earrings, especially those with rare gemstones. They are also used in costume jewelry and on moderately priced earrings. You can wire these findings to your choice of earring and

How to Make Jewelry Boxes Out of Pine Needles

Jewelry boxes can be both a great storage piece and an excellent way to show off your creativity. These boxes can be personalized to fit your decorative taste. For example, if you're a nature enthusiast, you may want to use outdoor elements, such as pine needles, to create your jewelry box. In many environments, pine needles are easily accessible and can be a free decorative accent. Making a pine needle jewelry box is a very basic craft project and can be completed by almost anybody in just minutes.

Making a guitar pick pendant gives you something cool to put on a necklace or bracelet and lets you turn an old pick into new jewelry. Guitar picks, otherwise known as plectrums, are small triangular pieces of material which are used to strike the strings on a guitar. Many guitar picks made into necklaces are fake, metallic ones. Turning a real guitar pick into a pendant is a more authentic and personal way to make an adornment for your necklace or bracelet. Make a guitar pick into a pendant by punching a hole in it and threading some wire through

How to Make a Wrap Cord Bracelet

Making a warp cord bracelet is a creative way to express your passion for fashion. Wrap cord bracelets are Pandora Enamel Silver Flower Blue Charm 185 constructed with one long piece of leather cord. The cord is folded over itself where you then sew beads in between each piece of leather. Wrap cord bracelets are ideal for casual or semi formal dress wear. Once your master the technique, make additional bracelets as gifts for family, friends and fellow fashion enthusiasts.

Guitar picks are very cheap to buy and with just a few simple steps, can easily be transformed into a pendant. You can paint your pick or use a colored craft wire to give it more flash, or keep it plain and simple. Guitar pick pendants make thoughtful, personalized gifts for a guitarist friend or can simply be an inexpensive way to make your own charms and pendants. Make several as part of a guitar pick charm bracelet, a single one as the focal point of a necklace, or use a pair to make guitar pick earrings. The keys can be used individually, like in a personalized monogram pendant, or in a row, to spell out a name or phrase. They can be used as is, attached to a hook and suspended from a chain, or mounted on a backing.

A homemade necklace makes an excellent gift for a friend or a unique accessory to accent your favorite outfit. Spending a little extra time to track down the right items and combine them into the perfect necklace results in a truly irreplaceable item that you are not likely to see on store shelves or anyone else you encounter throughout your day. Making a kitty necklace is relatively simple once you have gathered the necessary materials. Once complete, you will have a necklace you can wear for years to come.

Teething can turn a usually happy, easy going baby into a fussy, difficult to sooth, drooling mess making days spent at home difficult with the right tools to soothe her achy gums. Aside from numbing creams and small doses of children's pain killers, the best relief for those aching gums is something to munch on, which you may prefer over any type of medication. Use your creative talent and basic sewing skills to make a convenient teether necklace for your fussy infant that will always be on hand no matter where you go.

Threaded bracelets typically consist of embroidery floss or colored threads woven, tied or braided together to form soft bracelets. They are also known as "friendship bracelets" because people exchange them as a symbol of their friendship. Charm bracelets have keepsake charms attached to them, sometimes using a gemstone or precious metal. Each charm documents a significant event, milestone or something dear to the wearer. You can use basic knotting and jewelry techniques to combine the two styles.

Used as a meditative tool by Buddhists and Hindus, mandalas are typically found in the shape of a circle and represent the center or inner being. When used in meditation, mandalas are often employed as flexible wire balls that may be bent into various shapes that represent certain elemental forces like water and earth. A bit challenging to construct, these wire mandalas use various lengths of copper wire and may be adorned with beads or other trinkets with symbolic meaning or even healing properties.

Paracord, also called parachute cord, is a strong rope made from multiple strands of nylon. Paracord comes is a variety of colors, so you can use it to create a bracelet that matches an outfit or displays your affiliation with a group or regiment. A paracord bracelet also serves a practical use for campers and adventure sports enthusiasts, as it can be easily unraveled to Pandora Enamel Silver Star Pink Charm 261 produce a single length of cord. There are several Pandora Enamel Silver Star Pink Charm 261 different styles of paracord bracelet; this tutorial uses the simple one strand braiding technique to make a woven bracelet.