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Interesting Facts about Civ leaders thread

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Eric XIV, Swedish: Erik XIV (13 December 1533 26 February 1577) was King of Sweden from 1560 until he was deposed in 1568. Eric XIV was the son of Gustav I (1496 1560) and Catherine of Saxe Lauenburg (1513 35). He was also ruler of Estonia, after its conquest by Sweden in 1561.

While he has been regarded as intelligent and artistically skilled, as well as politically ambitious, early in his reign he showed signs of mental instability, a condition that eventually led to insanity. Some scholars claim that his illness began early during his reign, while others believe that he became sick after the Sture Murders.

Eric, having been deposed and imprisoned, was most likely murdered. An examination of his remains in 1958 confirmed that he Pandora Bead With Stone Plum Blossom Pink probably died of arsenic poisoning.

The deposed Hittite king, Mursili III fled to Egypt, the land of his country enemy, after the failure of his plots to oust his uncle from the throne. Hattusili III responded by Thomas Sabo Charms Feather demanding that Ramesses Pandora Bead With Stone Plum Blossom Pink II extradite his nephew back to Hatti.

This demand precipitated a crisis in relations between Egypt and Hatti when Ramesses denied any knowledge of Mursili whereabouts in his country, and the two empires came dangerously close to war. Eventually, in the twenty first year of his reign (1258 BC), Ramesses decided to conclude an agreement with the new Hittite king, Hattusili III, at Kadesh to end the conflict. The ensuing document is the earliest known peace treaty in world history.

The peace treaty was recorded in two versions, one in Egyptian hieroglyphs, the other in Akkadian, using cuneiform script; both versions survive. Such dual language recording is common to many subsequent treaties. This treaty Pandora Bead With Stone Plum Blossom Pink differs from others however, in that the two language versions are differently worded. Although the majority of the text is identical, the Thomas Sabo Bracelets Reconstructed Thin Coral Bead Hittite version claims that the Egyptians came suing for peace, while the Egyptian version claims the reverse. The treaty was given to the Egyptians in the form of a silver plaque, and this "pocket book" version was taken back to Egypt and carved into the Temple of Karnak.

Hunor Tiffany Key Bracelet and Magor were, according to a famous Hungarian legend, the ancestors of the Huns and the Magyars. The myth was promoted by the medieval historian Simon Kzai in his Gesta Ungarorum (1282 85). Kzai aim in providing a common ancestry for the Huns and the Magyars was to suggest historical continuum of the Kingdom of Hungary with the Hun Empire. Magyars led by prince rpd had conquered the area in the 890s. The territory had previously been held by Attila the Hun in the 5th century. Kzai thus tried to prove that the Magyars were simply reclaiming their ancient homeland as descendants of Attila.

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