Pandora Animal Bead Fish Gold


I will not accept anything less than 24K white Thomas Sabo Charms Black Pandora Animal Bead Fish Gold Cross gold

Once again small jewellery store in CanadaWe sold a line of sterling silver jewellery and synthetic gems that was very popular mostly char bracelets. People would go insane over them, even if they hated them. A lot of people (mostly Thomas Sabo Necklaces Spring Ring eastern Europeans and Asians) would not buy sterling silver, white gold or anything less that 18k gold and would get really mad if you showed it to them. Now this line was only sterling silver and nothing else.I showing a lady a bracelet and after a little bit hilarity ensues. (C for customer zz pour Pandora Animal Bead Fish Gold moi)C: does this line come in goldZZ: No Thomas Sabo Charms Black Stiletto sorry this line is exclusively in silverC: well why Pandora Animal Bead Fish Gold the hell do you even offer it then anyone who can afford gold is not good enough to wear jewelleryNow a lot of people do not Pandora Animal Bead Fish Gold know lots about gems or metals and that okay and everything but the following stupefied me.She proceeded to tell me that every thing she wearing is 24k white gold (this is not possible gold has to be alloyed to turn white).C: anyways make me this bracelet in 24k white goldZZ: Umm I sorry miss but I can not 24k white gold does not exist it has to be alloyed and usually it coated in rhodium.C: what are you retarded? gold can be any color even green and black (this is true but once again it is alloyed and cannot be pure). Your obviously not good enough to know this. I want to speak to your manager your HEAD manager no middle managers.close this windowyou'll need to login or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.