Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter N Silver


I am thinking of altering it and wanted to check with FFA first

Besides the fact that some of you might find it strange that I want to use this dress, Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Key Ring Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter N Silver I am in love with the romantic flowy feel and since I never liked the idea of spending a bunch of money on a dress I wear once this is perfect for me!

However, I was thinking of altering this dress to better fit my personal style (and to show off my legs). I love the idea of a short dress, so I was thinking of leaving the flowing, ruffled sheer top layer and shortening the opaque dress material underneath. Either into a high Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter N Silver low skirt (which would make the back opaque and the front would show some leg through the sheer top), or just Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter N Silver shorten it all around. maybe something like this or this but working with the existing build of the dress. I also considering adding some more details to Tiffany Red Star Tag Bracelet the bodice (beading in silver).

What do you ladies think of the idea?

Also, I have always loved birdcage veils with sheer fabric like this but I don know if it would go well with the style I just suggested.

Thank you ladies for any advice. this sub has already helped me so much in becoming confident with myself and my fashion sense, so I know you will point me in the right direction.

edit: Thank you ladies for Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter N Silver all of your advice! I think I won be shortening this dress. Thanks especially to those who commented with experience in tailoring and with this type of fabric. IF I do anything I think the most would be a small slit in the front. I will definitely be looking into veils and accessories to make this dress my own :) My fiance and I aren planning a ceremony, and instead will just be having a large reception, which is why I was interested in making this dress Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter N Silver more casual or fun, but it sounds like the material will be Thomas Sabo Black Plaited Leather 24 inch with 2 inch adjustable too difficult to work with for what I have in mind. Thanks again!

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