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I am a solar power engineer that will give a brief evaluation of whether or not solar power would work for you

Frugality is the Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter M Silver mental approach we each take when considering our resource allocations. It includes time, money, convenience, and many other factors. The purpose of r/frugal is to share what we have each learned. Let all work together to keep r/frugal on topic, friendly, honest and helpful. We do off grid solar for remote telecommunications Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter M Silver sites and other things which have no grid connection. We have never installed solar power on a house and have Pandora Murano Glass Bead 177 no intention to do so any time soon. That said, the same principles apply in calculating a system monthly output Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter M Silver and your required load.Disclaimer 2: The calculations I will give you are without tax rebates, subsidies or feed in tariffs. There are too many jurisdictions around the US and world for me to research all of them, so you will have cheap tiffany and co necklace to take the figures I give you and figure Tiffany Open Mesh Bracelet out the total capital outlay minus whatever rebates you can get for your local installation.The information I need to calculate a solar power system is:b) The rate you paying for electricity in Tiffany Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter M Silver Sexygirl Necklace dollars per kWh. For example, in one location the first 350 kWh on your bill might be 10.5 cents per kWh, and kWh from 351 to 850 Tiffany Prince Necklace at billed at 12.5 cents. Your monthly electrical bill (for example, $236.15 divided by number of kWh consumed) in mid summer and in mid winter is useful.c) The amount you willing to spend on a system.edit: the pvwatts results I cutting and pasting into these replies are for cumulative kWh generated in one month. an example:"Month", "Solar Radiation (kWh/m2/day)", "AC Energy (kWh)", "Energy Value ($)"