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How would you deal with Thomas Sabo Bracelets Reconstructed Rose Quartz Stretch a bad piercing

One was a helix heart, using an existing, healed hole and piercer A made a second hole. The other was a VCH done by piercer B.

The helix heart hole made by piercer A was done with anaesthetic (I wasn told about the spray she used on my ear but my old piercer sprayed with sea salt water to rinse the skin after one of the cleaning wipes). It was very shallow once my swelling went down, you could see the bar through the skin and the heart was poor quality jewellery, it was sold as the pandora charm Tiffany Return To New York Heart Tag Bracelet bracelet purple titanium Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter K Silver but within a month had no colour at the top. I removed the heart, retired the shallow one and kept the healed one. I contacted the piercer about the jewellery and she brushed me off saying I must have done something to it and when I asked follow up via Facebook message as I can Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter K Silver go visit, she ignored me.

The VCH was done with a straight barbell, the piercing itself was done with a receiving tube that took nearly 5 minutes to get under my hood and that hurt like hell, the needle went top down, but it was utter agony (10 times worse than my recent triple conch) and he seemed to struggle getting the needle through and once the swelling went down I found that it was done rather deep, somehow Paloma Picasso ZIG-ZAG Ring it wasn just through the thin skin of my hood but other flesh further up too, the bar I was pierced with was 12mm, but that was far too short. He replaced it with a 16mm but again, too short (ball was so far under hood I couldn grip it) and I replaced it with a 20mm bar but that was still too short with the ball fully under the hood. He oddly kept the 12mm bar and although the 16mm was in an autoclave bag when he got it out, it had 2 deep scratches on the bar itself Pandora Silver Bead Umbrella Silver when I removed Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter K Silver it.

I not sure what to do at this point, I was willing to just strike it off as an experience but I worried about others experiencing the same, especially with the VCH. Here in the UK there no governing body that I aware of and it all seems to be on word of mouth. I gave a review to piercer 2 which was positive in how he behaved and the hygiene of the place but didn mention the piercing as it was unknown at the time I reviewed the place same day as the whole experience, other than the pain, was very positive and the piercing Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter K Silver looked well done on the day, my suspicions only started when he kept the bar that was in me, since he told me the pain and difficulty was due to scar tissue from my torn VCH but Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter K Silver my old VCH was an 8mm curved barbell, so nowhere near this one. There no way to remove a review from the website and reviews that aren 5 just don get published as I tried to add a second review of the piercing itself and Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter K Silver he just deleted it.

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