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I believe that vampires are the best mythical creatures ever created

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What about creatures from actual more classical mythology? The Jtnar (giants), the Dwarfs, the Succubus, the Mermaids, the wolf Fenrir, the dragon Fafnir, the Biblical daemons. Some have a lot of depth and symbolic significance within their own "real" mythology.

If you want to take sci fi or fantasy Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter E Silver novels or movies into account, the lore from Scandinavian myth, readapted through Tolkien and countless fantasy books, can make elfs, giants, trolls, dwarfs quite a diverse bunch of creatures as well, considering every modern reinvention can have its own take on them.

In Scandinavian myth alone, dwarfs are very complex creatures if one takes the time to read scientific study on them. They are described as living in rock, or under the earth, and depending on each individual, can be extremely wise, or sometimes goofy. They responsible for forging most of the Gods magical objects ; Thor hammer, Odin spear. tiffany and co jewelry and also the cursed ring Draupnir in the Sigurd/Siegfried saga. Thus they nonetheless can really be considered as the Gods allies, as in many myths they opposed to them, and many of the objects they forge for the Gods are practically taken from them, or they forced/tricked to make them. They sometimes quite vile, jealous, and engage in some deal of mischief, and the Gods have to outsmart them. They have a strong link to Norse cosmogony (world creation, and organisation), and are basically quite omnipresent in Norse myth, Thomas Sabo Earrings Red Drop and the subject of many an intrigue with Gods and men. Like the Gods, they carry the best and worst of men, but remain a race apart in the mythology which opposes many different races, with unique characteristics. Their representation from Norse myth has evolved after Christianisation, surviving with different significance in Germanic folklore. There quite a lot to say about them, though granted, they may be less appealing than some sexy or scary vampire adaptation.

Additionally, literally everyone hates you, sometimes even Tiffany Pearl Earrings other vampires, and you may be subject to a shitty caste system where you are a bottom feeder vampire and live in the shitty side room of some manor.

You are genetically programmed to go after delicious pussy as a vampire, and you can get it easily, but then Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter E Silver you usually kill it instead of fucking it. Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter E Silver Also, if you don feed, you go nuts.

Finally, vampire stories generally tend to suck. This is because vampire Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter E Silver personalities tend to suck. Vampires spend a huge amount of time moping about in their manor or whatever hatching schemes instead of hanging out with friends or doing cool things. What cool things do vampires do? Yeah, they can transform into more stuff than a Werewolf, but they ain gonna try to fight one because they get wrecked. They going to turn into a bat and peace out into the moonlight. You also forgot to list dozens of cool things, like elves, dwarves, orcs, tundra beasts, giant gorrillas, world serpents, and demons. Dafuck? Demons are way better than vampires. It basically the same thing but without the course in whiny bitchology.

I would rather be any of the creatures you listed (except a Zombie unless I was a zombie king) than a vampire. CMV.