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Huge 'Daisy Cutter' bomb blitzes Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter B Silver Taliban

AMERICA has dropped a six ton bomb the size of a Volkswagen on theKnown as the Tiffany Golf Charm Chain Daisy Cutter, 1837 Collection Lock Pendant Necklace the 15,000lb weapon creates a fireball Thomas Sabo Bracelets Thin Coral 57 fireball, very Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter B Silver bright meteor leaving a trail in the sky that can remain visible for several minutes; often a distinct sound, perhaps caused by very low frequency radio waves, is associated with it. that incinerates everything within 600 yards.

Reports say at least one such bomb was dropped on Taliban troops.

Its use shows how determined the Americans are to force a

breakthrough in the war before winter.

Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday that the number of

special forces on the ground in Afghanistan had more than doubled in the


US officials say the troops have made air strikes far more

effective by helping to pinpoint Taliban .

And the bombing appeared to be working in some areas yesterday.

The rebel Northern Alliance claimed to have captured land south of

the key city of Mazar e Sharif, helped by US air raids which killed 300Rebel commanders launched a three pronged assault Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter B Silver towards

Mazar e Sharif on Sunday. And yesterday, they claimed to have taken

three villages to the south of the city.

Alliance spokesman Ashraf Nadeem said: "We attacked while Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter B Silver the

Americans were bombing. It was not us who killed it was mostly theNadeem claimed 300 Taliban Pandora Alphabet Bead Letter B Silver died and 300 more defected to the

rebels. The Taliban had not commented last night.

Despite their Thomas Sabo Charms Pink Decorative Egg Pandora Enamel Silver Flower Green Charm 057 apparent successes, Alliance forces are still well

south of Mazar e Sharif with winter closing iTaking the city would open a major supply route for the rebels from