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How to Say I Love You in Russian

Russians are very romantic people. If you Thomas Sabo Bracelets Green Crystal ever dated a Russian guy or girl you will know that Russian men tend to be quite chivalrous. They open doors for women and pay for dates; they shower them with gifts and buy them flowers for no reason. If you going to be spending Valentine Day with a special Russian someone or are just curious about how Valentine Day is celebrated in Russia this guide is for you.

How to Say Love You in Russian

Valentine Day is translated into Russian as (Den Svyatogo Valentina). The formal way to declare your love to someone in Russia is to say (Ya lu tebya; I love you). A more casual phrase that you will hear among couples frequently cuts off the first word: (Lu tebya; Love you). Some couples may even simply exchange the word (lu also translating to you (Here are some more Russian phrases and a guide to the Russian alphabet to surprise your Russian partner!)

Valentine Day Dates and Celebrations in Russia

Valentine Day in Russia is celebrated pretty much the same way as in any Western country with romantic dinners, flowers and chocolates. The only differences are that:

In Russia, flowers are almost a mandatory gift for a woman, and

The romantic dinner usually happens at home.

Of course, these are just the general 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 026 trends. Many couples will go out for a dinner at a restaurant. However, if you want to celebrate the truly Russian way, consider cooking up a meal at home (try one of these healthier dishes if you not a fan of mayonnaise and potatoes!).

It is not very common to take your date to the movies on Valentine Day in Russia; however, if you do decide to do that, remember that in Russian theaters it is advisable to buy your tickets in advance if you want to get good seats (yes, they give you seat numbers!).

Since Valentine Day happens in February, and it still quite cold in Thomas Sabo Bracelets Three Charms 25 most of Russia, I suggest you avoid romantic walks and spend an evening indoors. Consider going to a cozy bar after dinner and sharing a few drinks, or simply watching a movie at home.

Gifts for Girls

As 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 026 I mentioned before, it is Thomas Sabo Charms Blue Stripes House customary to get flowers for women and not just your date. It quite common for men to 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 026 get flowers for all the women in their lives on Valentine Day. Any flowers are fine roses, lilies, tulips. just make sure they smell nice!

A card is usually not necessary and anything beyond flowers is up to your imagination, as there are no rules for Valentine Day gifts. They can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Of course, chocolates are quite common and usually welcome. Another popular choice is jewellery but remember that Russian women can spot a fake from a mile away. Perhaps a nice scarf or some (real) leather gloves would also make an excellent gift this time of year.

Gifts for Guys

It is not as much of an ingrained tradition in Russia for women to give gifts to men as the other way around, but it is still quite common. Flowers are NOT given to men, and a woman does not usually give a gift to all the important men in her life.

Cards, again, are generally not exchanged 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 026 or Valentine Day. High quality winter accessories (like gloves or scarves) also make a safe and usually welcome gift for men. Consider also a nice cologne. However, the best gift that can be given to a man on Valentine Day in Russia is a fancy home cooked meal!