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How to Recognize Jewelry Hallmarks

Learn to recognize English hallmarks for gold, silver and platinum. The British symbol for sterling silver is a walking lion. A crown represents gold, along with a number followed by "c" or "ct," 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 004 for karat weight on jewelry made from the 1700s to 1975. After that, just numbers represented gold purity: 375 for 9ct, 585 for 14ct, Tiffany Heart Key Ring 750 for 18ct and 950 for 22ct. Numbers representing platinum are: 850, 900, 950 and 999. Date marks are a letter in a shield and can be decoded with a hallmark guide. Hallmark guides are available in book form or online.

Question the authenticity of cheap jewelry with designer names. Even Thomas Sabo Necklaces White Fresh 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 004 Water Pearl with One Star Ch if it seems to have the right hallmarks, it is not always what it seems. Checking the mark against a hallmark guide can also help.

Beware of fake precious metal marks on jewelry from China. Poor plating techniques leave a bubbly surface, and details on Tiffany 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 004 Dog Toggle Bracelet the item will look thick, instead of having crisp, fine edges. If you suspect that you have a fake, take your items to a jeweler. The jeweler will have the right equipment to test for precious metal content.

How to Identify Jewelry Markings

Read fine silver jewelry marks on Mexican jewelry with a loupe, and know how to interpret them. . letters or symbols stamped.

Hallmarks of 2012 Pandora Crystal Bead 004 Ancient Indian Jewelry

A hallmark is a symbol, set of initials or signature written, carved or stamped into a piece of jewelry. Each hallmark represents.

Guide to Silver Hallmarks. Silver hallmarks are marks indicating the quality of silver . . Gold jewelry often contains an engraved marking such as a number, letter or combination. This is.